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TOP DAWG Idea Pitch Competition

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TOP DAWG New Venture Championship

Competition Schedule

Entrant Information

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        We recommend that you Attend the Innovation Olympics sponsored by Bulldog Entrepreneurs on Oct 4, 2011 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the newly renovated University Hall. This event is all about brainstorming innovative ideas. You can also ask questions about the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch. Students who bring their completed Notice of Intent for the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch will be given an extra ticket to enter in the drawing for the prizes we are giving away at the Innovation Olympics.


TOP DAWG Idea Pitch Rules:


         Entry form and the five question narrative are due by 5 pm Oct 7, 2011: The entry form gives us team contact info.  The teamís narrative will give answers to the five questions the idea pitch must cover. Pick up extra entry forms and five questions at 207 College of Business or join the Bulldog Entrepreneurs Facebook group and download the form and five questions.  Submit entry form and narrative to Debbie Inman, College of Business, Room 207 on Oct 7, 2011 by 5 pm OR bring your completed Notice of Intent form  to the Innovation Olympics on Oct 4th.

         A member of your team must attend the Idea Pitch Content training session on October 11, 2011 in the evening (exact time and location to be announced). At this session, you will receive information about how to create your pitch and you will begin work on a worksheet which will help you develop your pitch.

         A member of your team must attend the Idea Pitch Presentation training session on October 18, 2011 in the evening (exact time and location to be announced). You will bring your completed worksheet with you. This worksheet will prepare you to better understand this training session and help you create a killer presentation.

         Perfect your pitch night is October 25. Your team must practice presenting their pitch to our mentors. Practice produces a better pitch! If you do not practice with our professional mentors to gain feedback, you will not pitch.

         TOP DAWG Idea Pitch is November 3, 2011. Each competitor will set up a display showing us their idea (pictures are OKÖ..if you donít have a prototype, thatís OK)  and have five minutes to pitch their idea during the event to professional judges as the judges visit each competitorís display. The student body will also visit displays and vote for their favorite idea with Bulldog Bucks.

         Questions? Email Debbie Inman:  debinman@latech.edu


1.       General Requirements:


v  One to six members form a team. Multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged. (If you pitch by yourself and are selected as a TOP Idea Pitch team, you must recruit at least one team member to compete in the TOP DAWG New Venture Championship.)

v  Undergraduate, graduate students and recent alumni (within one year of graduation) may participate.

v  Faculty members are not eligible to participate on a team.


v  Ideas must be your original concept.

2.       Prizes

         At least 10 Idea Pitch teams will win an invitation to compete in the TOP DAWG New Venture Championship. (Depending upon the scoring breakdown, we may choose to include more teams to compete in the new venture championship.)

         TOP Idea Pitch Teams that compete in the TOP DAWG New Venture Championship:

v  Are assigned a business planning mentor who will coach them through the new venture investment deck process.

v  Have access to professional investment deck planning seminars.


v  Win cash or prizes to be awarded during the TOP DAWG New Venture Championship Award Ceremony on April 17, 2012.

3.       Idea Pitch Competition

        Teams must submit the Entry form and the (up to) three page narrative (answers to the 5 questions) describing the business opportunity by 5 pm Oct 7, 2011. Bring your forms to the Innovation Olympics or submit them to Debbie Inman, College of Business, Room 207.

v Five question narrative format:

         Up to 3 pages in length                 

         12 point font AND double spaced

v  Narrative must include the following points:

Q 1)            What is the name of your product or idea? Give a clear description of your product or service. (What does it do? How does it look? How does it work?  What problem or need is your product or service solving?)

Q 2)            Is your product or service innovative and superior to existing solutions to the problem?  (How does it solve the problem better than the existing alternatives? How does it differ from the existing alternatives?)

Q 3)            Who will give you money for your product or service? (How many people will potentially buy your product or service? What are the characteristics of these people?)

Q 4)            How do you plan to make money? Will this money be enough to cover your costs and allow your business to grow?

Q 5)            What resources will you need to move this project forward? (For example: Money? People? Facilities?) Who will provide these resources?

        Teams are required to attend/participate in the Idea Pitch Content and Presentation training sessions. These informative programs will help you refine your answers to those five narrative questions and prepare you to pitch!

        Perfect your pitch session:  Teams must practice their pitch on October 25, 2011 to receive feedback.

        Five minute pitch during the TOP DAWG Pitch Event on November 3, 2011

v  Pitch presentation guidelines:

         Teams will be given a table to use to set up a display of their project.

         Pitches are Five minutes in duration (Strict time allotmentÖ..You will be stopped at the five minute mark!)

         No more than two team members speaking during the pitch. (You may have other members at your table to hold prototype, etc.)

         Your pitch should include the answers you turned in for the five questions on the Intent to Compete form.

         A power point presentation is allowed, but not mandatory.

         Judges visit each table and listen to the pitches and have 5 minutes to ask each team questions.

         Judges will also evaluate the teamís display, delivery ability (eye contact, confidence).

         Students will vote for their favorite idea with Bulldog Bucks.









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